NRNA to build E-library for Nepalese Journalist in Nepal

Media and publication department of Non Reaidnetial Nepalese Association  has appointed UK Based journalist Chiran Sharma as a news coordinator of NRNA Global. Sharma was appointed by the  meeting of the committee held  on last Sunday. He is a former president of FNJ UK chapter and works as a  correspondent of Nagarik news from UK  . 

In a press release issued by Mr Bhushan Ghimire, it is stated that NRNA will build an e-library in the central office of Federation of Nepalese Journalists in Kathmandu Nepal to support journalists for learning resources.

In a meeting chaired by the Coordinator of the NRNA media department and a speaker of NRNA ICC ,  Mr Bhushan Ghimire expresses the importance of building rapport with journalists. Similarly, senior viece President of NRNA ICC  Mr Kumar Panta stated the role of media and journalists to succeed every mission of NRNA .

The meeting has decided to form a committee to study the possibility of  conforence of  Nepalese journalist living abroad perfectly in Europe or U.K. A committee  of  Chiran Sharma, UK , Fadindra Bhattarai , UK and Basanta Ranabhat, Spain  has been formed for this task.

The media and publication committee has also appointed 4 persons as an advisor of the committee on this day . General secretary of FNJ Mr Ramesh Bista ,Pushparaj Acharya and Dadhi Sapkota are appointed as the advisor of the committee.

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