Professor Dr Upendra Dev Acharya in Nepal Express Live with Jagan

Live talk with Prof. Dr. Upendra Dev Acharya. Dr Acharya. Professor Upendra D Acharya is a professor and Norman & Rita Roberts Scholar at Gonzaga University School of Law. He served as an associate professor at the Faculty of Law, Tribhuvan University and practiced law in the Supreme Court of Nepal. He has represented landmark cases in the Supreme Court of Nepal, including a daughter’s right to inherent property, and the Godabary Marble case that resulted in the passage of the first Environmental Protection Act in Nepal. He has been visiting professor at several law schools, including in Brazil, France, China, India, Italy, Lebanon, Philippines, and Mexico. He is currently a vice president of Asian Society of International Law and a co-chair of the Planning Committee of the AsianSIL Biennial Conference 2019. He also serves as the chair of the Human Rights Special Interest Group of the Society. He is a founding member of Global Policy Forum for Nepal, a global think tank headquartered in London. Professor Acharya has presented papers on human rights, humanitarian law, international economic law and other areas of international law in North and South America, Middle East, Europe and Asia. He has written extensively on cutting-edge issues of international law, including terrorism, U.S. Foreign Policy, globalization, international economic law, and human rights and human security.

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