UK born Nepali youth Shahil to run for Kids in Nepal

UK born Nepalese youth Shahil Kaini  Is going to participate  in a popular charity event of U.K.  The Virgin money giving charity race of  London is considered as one of them prestigious charity run in London .  Shahil has planned to support an NGO called Kids First Nepal from the amount he collects from this event. The NGO helps to the disabled and disadvantaged kids of Nepal.  Probably this is the first attempt by a Nepalese youth to participate in this charity event as some adults has already done in earlier years. It is expected that Shahil’s initiative will inspire more youth to be participate in such charitable act and support the people in need in Nepal.  

His apeal as well as all the description regarding the event as follows :


I’m Shahil, a Nepalese-born medical student currently studying at UCL in London. On the 22nd of April, I’ll be running the 2018 London Marathon. The charity I’m running for is Kids First Nepal, who are attempting to tackle a cause very close to my heart. They work in Nepal to help disabled and disadvantaged kids by helping to improve their livelihood, education and health.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this will be the hardest thing I have ever done. It’s going to take an immense amount of commitment and I’ll be tested physically and mentally all throughout this process. However, all of those hours and miles put in will be worth it because ALL of the money raised will directly go to fund a project that is helping disabled young people in Sankhu, a region in Kathmandu where my mum was born and raised. You can find out more about the project and what the money will be going towards by following this link:

HOWEVER, no matter how far or fast I can run, none of this will mean anything without the support of you all, my friends and family. Please consider donating and show me some support throughout this challenging journey I have set myself on. We have set an ambitious goal of £3000 and I have no doubt that through all your support, we can reach this goal.

You can click in this link to donate and support him :

Thank you all for your support!

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