Why Nepal celebrates Take Away Scabies (Luto Falne) day on this month?

Today is the first day of the holy month Shravan in Nepal.  The first day of the month Shravan observes the festival of Shravan Sankranti.  It is a merry making exercise after the busy period of paddy plantation. Family invites their married daughters and sisters and celebrates together by feasting on a variety of festival food.

In the evening, people celebrate “Luto Phalne” ceremony by burning wood and a plant called tite pati and throwing them away shouting “take away scabies” (Luto Laija)  to ward off the disease of scabies and the itching it causes.  Scabies(Luto) was considered as one of the common itchy problem in Nepalese in ancient time. Cunning people, bad company or any thign irritating are also considered as the ithy Luto in the society, hence the festival is widely celebrate to throw a way such itchy problems of the body and society in Nepal today.

Mostly the farmers works in field with mud and dirty water during the paddy plantation on the month of Ashadh which could bring skin infection to them. Considering the possible skin problem and the outbreak of scabies due to such mud and filthy water this day is celebrated as the cleansing day of the entire body and sensitising with fire as a Luto falne(scabies go away) day.

Each Monday of Shravan, known as Shravani Sombar, is observed with austerity and is devoted to worship Lord Shiva. Devotees pile the linga high with Bel leaves, and flowers, chant the Shiva mantra and fast till sunset. Sixteen Mondays or Solah Somwar fasting also begins from the first Sombar of Shravan month.

Both men and women observe fast to please Lord Shiva. The married women take fasting to attain prosperity and a long, peaceful family life and unmarried women to attain eternal blessing from Lord Shiva for good life partner.

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